B. Larry Li, University of California, Riverside, USA

Larry li

B. Larry Li is Professor of Ecology and Directors of International Center for Ecology and Sustainability, and U.S. Department of Agriculture-China MOST Joint Research Center for AgroEcology and Sustainability at University of California-Riverside with a broad interdisciplinary background and experience in mathematical, statistical and computational modeling applications in ecological and environmental studies. He published more than 250 refereed journal articles, 30 book chapters and proceedings papers, and 11 books or edited special issues. Among his many honors and awards, he was elected to be Honorary Professor of the Scientific Council of Russian Academy of Sciences (2005), IHE Fellow (1988), AAAS Fellow (2006), DeTao Master of Ecology (2013), Honorary Director-General of the Three Gorges Institute of Ecology and the Environment (Chinese Academy of Sciences) (2018), and received 2015 Prigogine Gold Medal (only one leading scientist per year to be awarded in ecological systems internationally). He is also Founding Editor-in-Chief of two international journals: Ecological Complexity (Elsevier) and Journal of Arid Land (Springer Nature). He chaired and co-chaired the successful Beijing Eco Summit 2007 and Eco Summit 2012, Columbus, Ohio. He now chairs EcoSummit Foundation.

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