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The working groups will address the following topics.
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Animal-Forest Interaction: An Ecological Perspective of Tropical Biodiversity
Susanta Kumar Chakraborty, Vidyasagar University, India

A Common Asset Trust for Global Ocean Stewardship
Marcello Hernández, Australian National University, Australia

Climate Alteration and its Deleterious Effect on Emigration
Opeyemi Marcellina Aderinto, African Centre for Human Advancement Social and Community Development, Nigeria

Resilience and Adaptation Measures in Wetlands
Lydia Biri Nasimiyu, Technical University of Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

Economic and Financial Development Impacts on CO2 Emissions
Ibrahim Ari, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar

Eco-Safety Measures in Agricultural Production Potentiality
Prakash Kumar U M, NEO-India Service Mirror Charitable Trust, India

New Ideas for Synthesis in Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Ignacio J. Diaz-Maroto, Universidade de Santiago De Compostela, Spain

Genomic Invasive Toxic Species Identification under Climate Change Impact
Monia EL Bour, INSTM, Tunisia

Ghost Market: Governing Transitions
Demetrio Miloslavo Bova, University of Warsaw, Poland University of Warsaw

Historical Land Use Transitions: Implications for Environmental Sustainability
Victoria Espinoza Mendoza, Universidad Maimónides, Argentina

Human and Ecological Wellness Indicators
Paul Sutton, University of Denver, USA

Marine Mammals in a Changing World
Jan-Olaf Meynecke, Griffith University, Australia

Microplastics in Waterways and Wastewater: Occurrence, Detection, Characterization and Possible Solution
Tanveer Adyel, Monash University, Australia

Nature-Based Solution for Sustainable Development through Terrestrial-Aquatic Continuum Approach
Ramesh Krishnamurthy, Wildlife Institute of India, India

Resilience Building in the Community from the Impacts of Pollen Allergy
Mehwish J Noor, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Pakistan

Stormwater Run-Off Management using WSUD Techniques
Tanveer Adyel, Monash University, Australia

Surface Modelling of Nature Futures
TianXiang Yue, CAS, China

Sustainability and What Really Matters
Gabriela Sabau, Memorial University, Canada

Warming Earth: Measuring and Modeling GHG Fluxes from Agricultural Ecosystems
Saseendran S. Anapalli, USDA ARS, USA

Women in Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development Goals
Cecilia Medupin, The University of Manchester, UK

Women Sustainability Forum
Isabel B. Franco, United Nations University - Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability, Australia

Integrated Participatory Systems Approach for Modelling Social-Ecological Systems
Russell Richards, University of Queensland, Australia, Oz Sahin, Griffith University, Australia

World Futures 2050
Cynthia Winkworth, University of Otago Dunedin, New Zealand

Sustainable Universities 2050
Cynthia Winkworth, University of Otago Dunedin, New Zealand

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